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My journey to self-discovery and self-love began with a diary of love notes I began journaling to myself after experiencing a detrimental loss in my life, my mother. I began seeking answers, resolutions, and healing from a broken heart that led to an identity crisis. A 40-year-old mother, wife, nurse, sister unsure of what the future held for her.
I became aware that something wasn’t quite the same as it had been before, however I could not logically put into words what I was experiencing. Some spiritual masters would call this process “the dark knight of the Soul”. It wasn’t until I came across the article, “9 Ways You May Unwittingly Deprive Yourself of Love and Fulfillment by Mike Bundrant”, that sowed the initial seeds of insight into my life. From that article, I realized how unknowingly I was self-sabotaging all that I was desiring in my life. And how the behaviors I was exhibiting towards myself was not self-love but the opposite and spoke the lies I was telling myself. Being a nurturer at heart, caring for the welfare of others is a natural trait of mine, however when the concerns for others outweighs priority of self, discontentment, resentment, and bitterness becomes the outcome. To no fault of my own, I was establishing relationships from a place of neediness, low self-worth, the great fixer of all, with a touch of low self-esteem. But my Soul was crying out. My Soul was saying to me “No More”.
Welcome to Life and LaTasla! Join me along my journey of making sense of life experiences while discovering precious wisdom gems along the way.

Making sense of life’s 
experiences while 
discovering precious 
wisdom gems 
along the way.

You’ve always had the power 
my dear, you just had 
to learn it for yourself.
– L. Frank Baum